Federalist No. 26 - The Power of the Purse - TPF26

February 24, 2019

Cary and Justin are back to discuss Hamilton's faith in the congress to check to the power of the executive.  Pop cultural references abound in this new episode! 

Federalist No. 25 - And We’re Back … - TPF25

November 15, 2018

Cary, Justin, and Hamilton return to continue the discussion about standing armies.  After a break, the guys are back.  Join us for a new episode!!

Federalist No. 24 - The Nuclear Option - TPF24

August 29, 2018

Hamilton recognizes the concern of standing armies in peacetime, and the danger to liberty they represent.  As a way to calm these concerns, he offers a method by which the Legislative branch can check the power of the Executive.  Instead of attacking his critics head on, Hamilton employs the “neutral observer” as a method of demonstrating how no well-reasoned person could possibly disagree with his position.

Federalist No. 23 - Hamilton is Really a Sith Lord! - TPF23

August 13, 2018

Hamilton returns to discus what sort of protection the federal government should provide to its member states, how much power the federal government should have, and how the federal government will exercise that power.  During this paper, Hamilton reveals himself as a closet monarchist, and a champion of the Leviathan.  Emperor Palpatine would be proud!!

Federalist No. 22 - Hamilton’s Way or the Highway - TPF22

July 30, 2018

Hamilton is back to discuss the need for nationwide regulation of commerce, a national military, equal suffrage between the states, and the need for a supreme court.  In true Hamilton fashion, he presents his arguments as being the best possible choice.  Join Justin and Cary as they discuss Hamilton’s arguments in this paper, and how they conflict with earlier arguments presented in these papers.

Federalist No. 21 - Staying on the Path - TPF21

June 23, 2018

Justin channels his inner-Hamilton and keeps trying to go off topic.  Cary keeps the guys on task and on the path as they discuss Federalist Paper No. 21.

Post-It Notes!! - TPF 0E

April 16, 2018

The guys are back with an informal episode full of insights and laughs.

Federalist No. 20 - Crippling Unanimity - TPF20

April 1, 2018

Hamilton and Madison return with one last example of a failed confederacy.  This time they discuss The United Netherlands.  As Cary points out, once again things look good on paper for The United Netherlands, but in practice they didn’t work out well.  One key provision that held it back was the requirement for unanimous consent among its members.  Ultimately, the authors end this section of the Federalist Papers with a resounding conclusion that a confederacy, as a form of government, will not work for The United States of America.

Federalist No. 19 – More Failed Confederacies - TPF19

March 16, 2018

Hamilton and Madison are back to bring you simultaneously too much detail and also not enough detail at the same time.  How do they manage this?  Justin and Cary examine the authors’ analysis of German principalities, as well as Polish and Swedish governments.

Federalist No. 18 – Ancient Greek Societies … Again - TPF18

February 11, 2018

If anyone doubted him, Mr. Hamilton returns to demonstrate his knowledge of ancient Greek societies yet again.  Do his references really support the point he is trying to make in this paper?  The guys return to discuss that and more in this episode.