The Paperless Federalists

Federalist No. 7: iPads, Pizza, and “Rhode Island Bucks” - TPF 07

June 15, 2017

Can you hear us now Mr. Hamilton?  The guys are back with improved audio after having recovered from Hamilton’s mental melee in Federalist No. 6.  In this episode, Justin and Cary discuss how the states at the time are like modern day children fighting over an iPad.  Hamilton references the Pennamite-Yankee Wars between the citizens of Pennsylvania and Connecticut as an example of why a stronger federal government is needed.  Justin questions if doing so was a blunder, or a bold strategic move.  Cary delves into New York’s anger towards Vermont.  While Hamilton envisions arguments over the payments of debt, Cary sees the parallel to arguments over payments for college pizza.  Not so fast colonial Rhode Island!  The guys have plenty of vitriol for you as well!

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