Federalist No. 11 - Non sibi sed patriae - TPF 11

August 29, 2017

Cary and Justin are back after surviving their heated debate.  This time they actually agree with each other.  In this episode, Cary is quick to point out Hamilton’s cockeyed optimism regarding the collective bargaining strength a newly formed United States would have under the Constitution.  Is Cary secretly anti-union?  Hamilton argues that if the nation can’t assert itself on a global scale, then America will be relegated to passive commerce.  Cary points out America’s woes after having had their own Brexit.  The guys discuss whether Hamilton is an early proponent of global capitalism, pirates, and how to properly build a model of the U.S. Constitution. 

Federalist No. 10: Enter Mr. Madison - TPF 10

August 12, 2017

Cary and Justin return with a heated debate.  In doing so, they cleverly divide themselves into factions when discussing Federalist No. 10 in which Madison discusses the impact of factions on the government.  The guys agree that factions are inevitable, but how do we handle them?  Madison was clear that a large democratic republic is necessary to protect the liberty of the individual or minority group from the tyranny of the majority.  Was Madison prophetic, or horribly misguided? The guys debate how Madison’s theory holds up over time, and the best course to take in the modern political arena.