Federalist No. 4: A Zero-Sum Game - TPF 04

April 30, 2017

Contrary to modern economic theory, in Jay’s mind, international markets are a zero-sum game.  There are winners, and there are losers.  Although Jay attempts to focus on economic concerns in No. 4, he just can’t help but return to his foreign policy arguments.  He pays the price as Cary calls him out for rehashing his earlier points.  Cary dives into Jay’s reference to “just causes of war” by explaining Thomas Aquinas’ three factor test.  The focus shifts to foreign trade, debt, and the critical role of America’s codfish industry.  As Cary aptly points out, there were not may W-2s issued at the time.  Who knew the codfish helped to secure our nation?   

Federalist No. 3: John Jay Vindicated! … Sort of - TPF 03

April 16, 2017

In this episode, the doctors of NYC flee, shots are fired, and severe head trauma ensues (in 1788 no less)!  All of this before we find out how the Sultanate of Morocco ties into Federalist No. 3.  The guys continue their critique of Jay, allowing for only a modicum of relief due to his injuries, before attacking Jay’s hypothesis that our new country will be led by philosopher kings and warrior poets.  The Anti-Federalists are heard to cry foul at Jay’s straw man argument.  And in the end, Jay concludes by asking, “Does anyone really want to end up like Genoa?”     

Federalist No. 2: John Jay Under Fire! - TPF - 02

April 2, 2017

After Justin launches an assault on John Jay's depiction of American life in October 1787, Cary has to come to Jay's aide.  While the guys agree with Jay's assertion that the thirteen states had rivers and traded goods, debate remains as to Jay's intent in his depiction of a homogonous citizenry.  Was John Jay a “man of his time” trying to appeal to commonality, or a purveyor of “alternate facts” who argues for a government based upon a homogeneous people? "Farwell [Mr. Jay]!, A long farwell to all [your] greatness!"